Important Facts Covered During the Initial Interview with Your Lawyer

You will discuss several important topics regarding your DUI arrest during the initial interview with your Pierce County DUI attorney. The more information you provide regarding these topics, the more prepared your lawyer will be to make a strong defense on your behalf.

Pierce County DUI attorney


Statements or Admissions You Gave to Law Enforcement


Your Pierce County DUI attorney will need to know if you provided any statements or admissions to the arresting officer, especially with regard to the consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to your arrest. This is important information that will affect the outcome of your case. As such, your attorney needs to be aware of your statements or admissions so that she can properly address it during trial.


Witness to Your DUI Arrest


The presence of witnesses to the operation of your vehicle and/or to your arrest will also affect the prosecution’s DUI case against you. Therefore, you need to inform your Pierce County DUI attorney of the witnesses’ identities and personal information, if there are any.


Other Factors


In addition to the information described above, you will need to provide your attorney with the basics regarding your personal background and the facts surrounding your arrest, as well as the events that led to your DUI arrest and charge.


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