What Your Lawyer Needs to Know

An experienced DUI lawyer in King County knows that in order to prepare a successful defense, certain key pieces of information need to be obtained. For instance, examine the type of facts needed in a breath case.DUI lawyer in King County

Breath Cases: Facts for Discovery

  • What is the extent of the arresting officer’s training? It is possible that the police officer in your case was unfamiliar with the breath test machine used? Your attorney may investigate whether the police officer was trained on the test equipment used in your case.
  • What method of testing does the laboratory submit to the state authorities?
  • Is the testing laboratory used currently licensed?
  • Technical details are important: Is the manual available for the particular test machine used?
  • Are the simulator solution titration records available?
  • What about equipment calibration confirmation records? These will likely be gathered for two months before and after your sample was tested toensure that the equipment was checked for accuracy.
  • Usage logs for the test equipment prior to and after you were tested.

Many avenues of information gathering are available, including conducting an independent investigation or using a formal legal process to share information with the prosecutor’s office.

This discovery effort requires delicacy and caution. Your attorney will take care in obtaining information for discovery, because details discovered in the legal process may also become known to the prosecution. Also, asking for large amounts of information can backfire if it causes the prosecution to invest too much time and attention in your case.

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