A Pierce County Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains the Initial Steps in a Criminal Case

The Interview

Pierce County criminal defense lawyerYour Pierce County criminal defense lawyer will naturally want to ask you questions aimed at developing your defense strategy, such as:

  • Were you at the scene of the crime?
  • Do you have an excuse or justification for your behavior?
  • What history do you have with the alleged victim or other witnesses?

Your answers will help your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer plan a viable defense and determine entrapment, obtain consent and gauge potential witness credibility.

The Preliminary Hearing

One of the first steps in the criminal process is your preliminary hearing. As your Pierce County criminal defense attorney can advise you, the purpose of this hearing is only for the judge to determine whether there is enough evidence against you to take the case to trial. Your Pierce County criminal defense attorney will question the prosecution’s witnesses and “lock in” their testimony against you. While this can be a stressful ordeal, do NOT do the following:

  • Do not get upset by what witnesses say.
  • Do not testify or have your witnesses testify.
  • Do not expect your attorney to be overly aggressive; the purpose of the hearing is to gather information, not to tip off the prosecutor to your defense strategy.

Contact Us Today for Legal Assistance

The criminal court process can be daunting. It is in your best interests to retain an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to advocate for your rights. For more information, please call Pierce County criminal defense lawyer South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050. The initial consultation is free.

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