A Pierce County DUI Defense Attorney Discusses Predicting the Chances of Settlement

Pierce County DUI defense attorneyA good defense attorney knows how to work with the prosecutor in your DUI case toward a potential settlement. While your Pierce County DUI defense attorney cannot guarantee a settlement or dismissal of your DUI charges, she will use her training for you. In some cases, your lawyer can gauge the chances of settlement by observing unspoken clues from the prosecutor. Here are some examples:

Prosecutor’s Notes

As your Pierce County DUI defense attorney can explain, your case file will likely be assigned to several different prosecutors. They generally update their case file on you by taking notes at different court hearings like the pretrial conference. If they consider your case “run of the mill,” few notes will likely be taken. If extensive notes are taken, this usually means that the state thinks your case is either very strong or weak. This can provide important clues to your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer about the chances of settlement at the next hearing.

Rookie Prosecutors

Sometimes, rookie prosecutors are easier to work with. Since prosecutors are often judged on their win-loss ratio, they may be more willing to settle with your Pierce County DUI defense attorney if they lost their last case.

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Dealing with prosecutors can be difficult, and a defense attorney can help you navigate the process and inform you of your rights. To put an experienced Pierce County DUI defense attorney on your side, call South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050.

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