Pierce County DUI Defense Lawyer Discusses Gathering Evidence for Your Defense

If you have been charged with a DUI, you do not have to feel powerless to defend yourself. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer can explain what you can do today to help prepare for your case. If your DUI case proceeds to trial, your attorney will tell you how your contribution can be essential in several ways, including:

Gathering Witnesses

Pierce County DUI defense lawyerWitness testimony may be crucial to your defense. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will need to talk to anyone you had contact with the day of your arrest. Your job is to provide the names and addresses of the people you encountered before or after the arrest took place. While your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer understands that you may not wish to broadcast your arrest to certain people, if a witness was with you that day, his or her testimony might be critical. If you can’t bring yourself to contact these people, your defense could be compromised, and your Pierce County DUI defense attorney may want a written acknowledgement that you have gone against her legal advice.

The sooner you identify witnesses the better, as memories fade and important details could be lost.

Save Your Shoes

As your Pierce County DUI defense attorney can explain more fully, the shoes you were wearing the day of the incident matter. You may have been asked to take a field sobriety test during your arrest. Your shoes can affect your balance and coordination. Common problems for women are high heels, sandals or flip flops. For men, it could be cowboy boots with a high or extended heel. Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will need to make sure that the condition of your “arrest shoes” does not change before trial. Otherwise, the prosecutor might object to this argument. Therefore, do not wear the shoes again and keep them in a safe place until your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer provides you with further instructions.

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