Pitfalls of Bail Testimony

Your King County criminal defense lawyer is going to tell you not to testify at your bail hearing. It may sound strange that you will just listen at this important proceeding, but your legal pro knows best.

King County criminal defense lawyer

Here’s why: Anything you say at the hearing could backfire and be used against you without violating your rights. That puts your lawyer in a difficult position to defend your case. While defense attorneys can request that the court order your testimony not be used at trial, there is no guarantee.

But what if you have something important to say that helps your defense? If you testify, you may be cross-examined by the prosecutor. Otherwise your valuable testimony may not be considered reliable.

All signs point to the overall benefit of letting your King County criminal defense lawyer do the talking at the bail phase of your case. More likely, someone else can provide the testimony that you wanted to express. This approach is more effective and less risky than talking during the hearing.

Posting bail

Here again is a process that can be risky for you, the defendant. If you post bail, the court may wonder where you got the money, and it may investigate. This could result in a source hearing including prosecution witnesses. The court wants to ensure that you got the bail money honestly.

In a drug-trafficking case, posting a high bail can look suspicious, especially if the defendant lacks legitimate employment. To prepare for the source hearing, your lawyer will talk to the person or people who posted bail about the source of the money. Did the funds flow through legitimate sources and bank accounts to the court?

Even in the early bail phase of your case, you need an experienced King County criminal defense lawyer. The best outcome requires a good start. For expert defense representation, call South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050.

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