Securing the Location of a Defendant’s Field Sobriety Tests

Since a King County DUI defense lawyer will most likely not be on the scene when a defendant is arrested for DUI, she must take action after receiving the news. Your attorney’s initial action may be to secure the scene where law enforcement officers administered your field sobriety tests.

What Should a Defendant Do to Secure the Scene?

King County DUI defense lawyerA King County DUI defense attorney will probably request that the defendant revisit the scene as soon as possible to begin gathering evidence. The King County DUI defense lawyer can also decide to send her investigators to accompany the defendant.

In fact, a King County DUI defense attorney may choose to require the investigator’s presence at the scene, because investigators are often more familiar with gathering evidence than the average defendant is. For example, the investigator may help to:

  1. Determine how level the ground is at the scene of the field sobriety tests
  2. Record the amount of light at the location
  3. Photograph any obstacles present

What Else Might a King County DUI Defense Lawyer Use as Evidence?

In addition to securing the scene, a defense attorney might also acquire any recorded phone conversations that the defendant participated in following his or her arrest. A King County DUI defense lawyer may later use the recordings to argue that the defendant was not intoxicated enough to warrant a DUI arrest.

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