South King County DUI Defense Lawyers Discuss Your Potential as a Witness

South King County DUI defense lawyers must frequently represent defendants in difficult situations; such defendants may want to aid in their own defense but have no recollection of the incident. In these complex situations, South King County DUI defense attorneys use initial interviews to determine how helpful defendants can be to building their defense cases.

What Is an Initial Interview?

South King County DUI defense lawyersAn initial interview is a client’s first meeting with his or her South King County DUI defense lawyers. This interview will help defense attorneys become familiar with certain aspects of the case.

At the initial interview, South King County DUI defense lawyers will probably discuss:

  • Background information about the case
  • The defendant’s memory about the DUI incident and the time period surrounding the arrest
  • The defendant’s potential to serve as a capable witness and respond well under stress

The Defendant’s Memory About the Incident

DUI defendants recall different amounts of information about their arrests. South King County DUI defense lawyers will ask their clients to describe any recollections they have about the incident. DUI defendants usually fall into three categories:

  1. Defendants who can recall the incident in detail. South King County DUI defense lawyers generally prefer these types of defendants because they can more easily present their stories to juries.
  2. Defendants who can describe only portions of the events surrounding their DUI arrest are not as preferable as those with clear memories but can sometimes make good witnesses. South King County DUI defense attorneys may even use memory aids like hypnosis.
  3. Defendants who do not remember anything are generally not very useful witnesses, but memory aids can sometimes recover partial recollection.

The Defendant’s Potential to Serve as a Capable Witness and Respond Well Under Stress

South King County DUI defense lawyers know that the best defendants are the ones who can positively project their stories to the jury. Defense attorneys will do their best to determine if a defendant would be a charismatic witness and also be able to endure stressful cross-examination at trial.

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