Was the Stop Legal?

If you were stopped at a DUI checkpoint and arrested as a result, a DUI attorney in Pierce County knows how to develop a strong defense to challenge the charges against you.

DUI attorney in Pierce County

Typically, defense experts use a multi-pronged attack to weaken the value of evidence obtained during a DUI stop, or raise questions regarding whether the roadblock or pullover was lawful to begin with.

Basis for the Stop

The first strategy a DUI attorney in Pierce County will employ is to show that the roadblock was the only reason that the defendant was pulled over. This is important, because the law prohibits the police from stopping people for no reason other than to snare drunk drivers.

Did a traffic violation also occur? Were the car lights or equipment faulty, leading to a legitimate stop? Was the pullover due to an observation that the arresting officer made prior to the stop? If no other basis supports the stop and the subsequent drunk driving test, this may call into question the constitutionality of the DUI stop.

Once the basic information about the purpose for the check point or stop is obtained, an experienced DUI attorney in Pierce County may find that the arrest was unlawful.

Additional steps in preparing a defense include determining whether any roadblock operation was created and operated in a constitutional fashion. Other lines of investigation include examining the quality and work of the test equipment and laboratory.

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