Subject in a Grand Jury Investigation

The prosecution has broad discretion in requesting a grand injury investigation of certain individuals who may be suspect or have additional investigation in a criminal matter. If you are a subject in a grand jury investigation, it is in your best interest to consult with a criminal attorney in King County to protect your legal rights and avoid become the target of the investigation.

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 Who Becomes a Subject in a Grand Jury Investigation?


Subjects in grand jury investigations are individuals whose behavior the prosecution believes to fall within the scope of the grand jury’s investigation. Further investigation may or may not lead them to become targets to the crime.


In some situations, as certain facts are uncovered during the jury investigation, an individual who was originally only a witness may now become the subject of investigation. As such, it is important to be represented by a criminal attorney in King County to make sure your rights are well-protected at all times, regardless of whether you are a witness or a subject in a grand jury investigation.


Grand Jury Is Different From a Jury Trial


A grand jury is in many ways different from a typical jury trial. For one, the subject has to convince the prosecutor that he or she should not be charged with a crime. Additionally, unlike a jury trial, the arguments made by either the subject or the criminal attorney in King County are directed to the prosecution, not a jury.


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