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What to Do If You Are Subpoenaed in Your Criminal Case

The subpoena process is rarely as intimidating as you might think. Your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can put her experience to work for you.

Receiving the Subpoena

If you know a subpoena is coming, contact your Pierce County criminal defense attorney immediately. She can arrange to receive the subpoena for you. This can spare you any awkwardness of being served in front of co-workers or neighbors. You can also avoid accidentally making incriminating statements to the officer serving it.

Responding to the Subpoena

Pierce County criminal defense lawyerJust because you have received a subpoena does not automatically mean you will have to go to court. Let your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer explain your options including:

  • Informal Interviews—Instead of appearing in front a Grand Jury, your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer may arrange to go with you to a meeting with the prosecutor. Strategically, this may help gauge the prosecutor’s thinking, and give you more control over the timing of the interview.
  • Office Subpoenas—Technically, these are not permissible for testimony, documents, or things like hair samples. If you receive one, your lawyer can advise you whether you have to appear.

Contact a Pierce County Criminal Defense Attorney Today for Legal Assistance

Receiving a subpoena to testify can be a daunting experience. However, with a knowledgeable attorney in your corner, the process will not be so difficult. Rely on experienced Pierce County criminal defense lawyer South King County criminal attorney for help in handling your situation. Call today at (253) 709-5050 and schedule a free initial consultation.

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