Testifying at your DUI trial: your lawyer’s questions

One of the most important decisions you and your Auburn DUI lawyer need to make during your DUI trial is whether it is in your best interest to testify at your own trial. If you decide that it is, your lawyer will prep you to give accurate and confident testimony that will help your case. Your lawyer will also give you a general idea as to the questions you will be asked about the events surrounding your DUI arrest.

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 What will my lawyer ask me?


Your Auburn DUI lawyer’s goal in your direct examination is to prove to the jury that you are not guilty of the drunk driving charges against you. In meeting this goal, your lawyer will ask you a series of questions.


The initial setof questions your lawyer will ask is designed to get general information about you, such as your name, age, where you live, and whether you have testified at a DUI trial before. Your Auburn DUI lawyer will then proceed to ask you specific questions regarding the events surrounding your drinking and the events that led to your DUI arrest.


Although your lawyer will not tell you how you should answer these questions, he or she will provide you with the general subject matter that will be covered so you are prepared to give honest and complete answers.


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