Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions

Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions

If you’re charged in the false billing case, your attorney might seek exploring the basis for that case during preliminary hearing. For example, let us assume you’re a pharmacist being charged with fraudulently billing, the doctor is testifying. The attorney cross-examination of that doctor might include these:

Part of Tami Russo’s medical condition was she had high cholesterol?

That’s chronic, meaning it doesn’t go away?

Is it treated with what maintenance medications the patient must take each day?

According to the chart on Tami Russo, you prescribed Mevacor for Tami Russo years before 2005?

Did Tami Russo call your office for a new prescription?

Did you always speak with her?

Did you call the pharmacy or authorize a member of staff to call?

Did your secretary make an entry on that day for prescriptions?

Did your secretary not chart that medication?

Do you carry your cell phone with you?

Have you called in prescriptions over your cell phone?

On those occasions did you chart the call-in?

Tami Russo did have high cholesterol, a condition which Mevacor would have been appropriate?

You prescribed Mevacor for her before 2005?

How can you say with certainty you did not prescribe Mevacor for her on June 5, 2005?

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