Guilty Plea Consequences

Consequences of the Guilty Plea

Entering a guilty plea might seem like a good idea so that you can get your sentence over with, but there are some consequences of pleading guilty to a criminal investigation that could affect aspects of the rest of your life.

When considering immigration status, there are a few different classifications. You could be listed as a permanent citizen, refugee, undocumented alien or another type of immigrant. If you are a citizen and enter a guilty plea, you can’t be deported back to your home country. Some offenses can result in deportation if you are not a citizen.

Each state usually has its own rules and regulations when it comes to voting. Most states don’t allow those who have been found guilty of a felony to vote in elections.

Finding A Job
This is an area where you might have the most difficulty in life. There are some employers who won’t hire those who have been found guilty of a crime. There are also some companies that will hire you depending on the nature of the crime, giving you an opportunity to show the court and others that you have learned from mistakes.

Public Assistance
You will not be eligible for public housing if you have been convicted of a drug charge. This also applies to student loans and government assistance.

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