Killing Cross-Examination – Credibility of Other Witnesses

Prosecutors work from a disservice on round of questioning. When in doubt, criminal counselors present less witnesses than prosecutors do; the prosecutor will have less chances to sharpen his round of questioning. In the event that a guard witness has a long criminal record, the barrier lawyer basically won’t call him to the stand. Prosecutors frequently must call casualties, witnesses and co-conspirators.

Most resistance and hostile witnesses do not leave the same trail of former reports and confirmation that arraignment witnesses do as substance for an earlier conflicting explanations interrogation. Prosecutors frequently turn to a few routine procedures on round of questioning.

Indictment strategy: Comments on the validity of different witnesses; typical, however disgraceful, strategy is for the prosecutor to request that a guard witness remark on the validity of another witness, ordinarily a cop.

For example, most criminal courts will lead after: “Advice ought not request that one witness remark on the veracity of confirmation of another witness.” This kind of addressing encroaches “on the jury’s entitlement to make believability determinations.” In addition, the inquiry is pugnacious and despicably proposes to the jury that the best way to absolve the respondent is to find that the indictment’s witnesses lied.

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