When You are Arrested

There Is No Warning
An arrest occurs suddenly. Unless the police have had you under surveillance, you are unlikely to have any reason to suspect that you are about to be apprehended.
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A police officer places you under arrest. You will be taken to the police station and charges will be brought against you for having committed an illegal act, and you will be required to submit to the process referred to as “booking”. Your photograph and fingerprints will be taken so that there can be no question of who you are. These procedures are fairly standard, although there may be some slight variance in different jurisdictions.

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When You Are Booked
At this point, a formal record of your arrest will be made. Your citizenship, name and address and other identification information is recorded and verified, and your resident status is established if you are not a United States citizen. A computer search will confirm the presence or absence of any past criminal behavior and you will be questioned as to your employment, associates, state of health and so on. The charges to be made against you are then prepared and the appropriate documents set in order.

Depending on various factors, you may either be released on bail or your own recognizance if the charge is sufficiently slight and summoned to appear at an appointed time.

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