Your Attorney’s Role With Bail Agencies

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Your Attorney’s Role With Bail Agencies

It is highly possible, depending on the jurisdiction where you were arrested, that an independent agency or a division of the court system will be the one carrying out an investigation and making recommendations with regard to your bail-worthiness. Although these agencies take into consideration the serious nature of the offense, they likely will not weigh it as heavily as the prosecutor, police, or magistrate might. That said, you, as well as your family members, should fully cooperate with these agencies, because it is the agency’s recommendation that can either support or kill your bail application.

If the agency can verify that you, your friends, family, and others who know you are reputable and supportive individuals, it will probably recommend a bail amount that you can afford. Conversely, if people fail to cooperate, or if you or your friends mislead the bail agency, being released on bail may become practically impossible.

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Additionally, lying to the bail agency may actually be considered as a separate crime, or the court may take it under consideration at sentencing in order to increase your sentence. Thus, if you are aware that such an agency is being used in your case, you should speak to a knowledgeable South King County defense attorney who can assist you with dealing with that agency.

It is likely that your South King County defense attorney will not be there while the bail agency interviews you or your friends and family. However, your South King County defense attorney may still have a chance to give the bail agency helpful information as it relates to you, particularly with regard to your ties to the community.

If time and circumstances allow, your South King County defense attorney should set up a meeting with you to discuss the types of questions that the bail agency will cover, such as your age, education, nationality, employment status, and criminal history. During the bail interview, you should make certain that you fully understand what is being asked and that you answer the interview questions honestly and accurately.

Sometimes, your background information may be incriminating, depending upon the nature of the crime with which you’ve been charged. Additionally, your criminal history may pose especially sensitive concerns. However, if your attorney identifies an area where an honest answer will harm your case, he or she may suggest that you choose to forego the interview or refuse to answer certain questions. Keep in mind, though, that you will risk receiving a negative assessment from the bail agency should you choose not to answer certain questions.

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