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Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions

Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions If you’re charged in the false billing case, your attorney might seek exploring the basis for that case during preliminary hearing. For example, let us assume you’re a pharmacist being charged with fraudulently billing, the … Continue reading

Killing Cross-Examination – Credibility of Other Witnesses

Prosecutors work from a disservice on round of questioning. When in doubt, criminal counselors present less witnesses than prosecutors do; the prosecutor will have less chances to sharpen his round of questioning. In the event that a guard witness has … Continue reading

Guilty Plea Consequences

Consequences of the Guilty Plea Entering a guilty plea might seem like a good idea so that you can get your sentence over with, but there are some consequences of pleading guilty to a criminal investigation that could affect aspects … Continue reading

Miranda Rights

If you have been picked up by an officer and arrested and then have had charges brought up against you, you should be well aware that the charges do not automatically bring a conviction and there are some things that … Continue reading

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scio test

Pierce County DUI Defense Lawyer Discusses Gathering Evidence for Your Defense

If you have been charged with a DUI, you do not have to feel powerless to defend yourself. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer can explain what you can do today to help prepare for your case. If your DUI … Continue reading

Dealing With Your Test Results at Trial

When facing a driving under the influence charge, the results of your blood tests may be the one of the biggest challenges you encounter. A high blood alcohol level or other incriminating test result may be the biggest piece of … Continue reading

A Pierce County DUI Defense Attorney Discusses Predicting the Chances of Settlement

A good defense attorney knows how to work with the prosecutor in your DUI case toward a potential settlement. While your Pierce County DUI defense attorney cannot guarantee a settlement or dismissal of your DUI charges, she will use her training … Continue reading

A Pierce County Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Immunity

If you have helpful information for the prosecutor, a Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can advise you regarding the different types of immunity that may be offered to you. A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Use Immunity As your Pierce County … Continue reading

What to Do If You Are Subpoenaed in Your Criminal Case

The subpoena process is rarely as intimidating as you might think. Your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can put her experience to work for you. Receiving the Subpoena If you know a subpoena is coming, contact your Pierce County criminal … Continue reading