Two Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make

Two Biggest Mistakes Claimants Make

The Biggest Mistakes that Prevent People from Getting Disability Benefits

Filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a complicated and arduous process. It’s not unusual for an initial claim to be denied due to the extensive list of requirements that must be satisfied. Applicants often need the disability benefits to cover their medical bills and other necessary expenses, but there are major mistakes that may hinder the chances of getting approved for benefits.

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Refusing to Receive Medical Treatment

Some people who suffer from chronic pain eventually stop receiving medical treatment because they get frustrated and believe their condition isn’t improving. Usually, long-term medical care is needed so that the physicians can monitor the condition and administer the treatment that will prevent it from becoming worse. Refusing to get medical attention can also seriously jeopardize the disability case. Medical documents that show you have continued to receive treatment on a consistent basis helps to validate the severity of your condition when your case is being reviewed by the SSA.

Submitting Doctor’s Letter and Medical Records to SSA

According to the SSA, a person qualifies for disability benefits if he suffers from an injury or impairment that causes severe functional limitations and interferes with the ability to perform work-related activities. The medical condition must last for at least a year or result in death.

Sometimes, it is difficult for the SSA to determine if the medical condition fits within their definition of “disability” based on the information solely contained in the medical records. Asking your doctor to write a letter that explicitly states your condition; the length of the recovery period; the physical limitations imposed by the condition; and how it impedes with your ability to work may improve your chances of reaching a successful outcome in the case. Due to the medical and legal issues involved in a disability claim, it is advisable to consult with an attorney regarding the best way to proceed.

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Failing to Appeal a Denied Claim for Disability Benefits

The majority of applicants who are initially denied disability benefits don’t exercise the right to file an appeal. Even though the original claim was denied, there is the possibility of getting approved for benefits during the appellate process. If you choose to appeal the decision, you should seriously consider getting legal assistance from an experienced Social Security disability attorney. There are strict deadlines and legal procedures that must be followed in order to have your request for disability benefits reconsidered. An attorney will be able to analyze your initial claim and help you build a stronger case.

When you are requesting disability benefits, becoming informed about SSA procedures and their review process is beneficial. There is a greater chance that you will avoid certain mistakes that could prevent your claim from getting approved. Retaining an attorney isn’t required, but a legal advocate can help you prepare your application and effectively present your claim.

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