Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions

Fraudulent Billing Cross Examination Questions

If you’re charged in the false billing case, your attorney might seek exploring the basis for that case during preliminary hearing. For example, let us assume you’re a pharmacist being charged with fraudulently billing, the doctor is testifying. The attorney cross-examination of that doctor might include these:

Part of Tami Russo’s medical condition was she had high cholesterol?

That’s chronic, meaning it doesn’t go away?

Is it treated with what maintenance medications the patient must take each day?

According to the chart on Tami Russo, you prescribed Mevacor for Tami Russo years before 2005?

Did Tami Russo call your office for a new prescription?

Did you always speak with her?

Did you call the pharmacy or authorize a member of staff to call?

Did your secretary make an entry on that day for prescriptions?

Did your secretary not chart that medication?

Do you carry your cell phone with you?

Have you called in prescriptions over your cell phone?

On those occasions did you chart the call-in?

Tami Russo did have high cholesterol, a condition which Mevacor would have been appropriate?

You prescribed Mevacor for her before 2005?

How can you say with certainty you did not prescribe Mevacor for her on June 5, 2005?

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Killing Cross-Examination – Credibility of Other Witnesses

Prosecutors work from a disservice on round of questioning. When in doubt, criminal counselors present less witnesses than prosecutors do; the prosecutor will have less chances to sharpen his round of questioning. In the event that a guard witness has a long criminal record, the barrier lawyer basically won’t call him to the stand. Prosecutors frequently must call casualties, witnesses and co-conspirators.

Most resistance and hostile witnesses do not leave the same trail of former reports and confirmation that arraignment witnesses do as substance for an earlier conflicting explanations interrogation. Prosecutors frequently turn to a few routine procedures on round of questioning.

Indictment strategy: Comments on the validity of different witnesses; typical, however disgraceful, strategy is for the prosecutor to request that a guard witness remark on the validity of another witness, ordinarily a cop.

For example, most criminal courts will lead after: “Advice ought not request that one witness remark on the veracity of confirmation of another witness.” This kind of addressing encroaches “on the jury’s entitlement to make believability determinations.” In addition, the inquiry is pugnacious and despicably proposes to the jury that the best way to absolve the respondent is to find that the indictment’s witnesses lied.

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Guilty Plea Consequences

Consequences of the Guilty Plea

Entering a guilty plea might seem like a good idea so that you can get your sentence over with, but there are some consequences of pleading guilty to a criminal investigation that could affect aspects of the rest of your life.

When considering immigration status, there are a few different classifications. You could be listed as a permanent citizen, refugee, undocumented alien or another type of immigrant. If you are a citizen and enter a guilty plea, you can’t be deported back to your home country. Some offenses can result in deportation if you are not a citizen.

Each state usually has its own rules and regulations when it comes to voting. Most states don’t allow those who have been found guilty of a felony to vote in elections.

Finding A Job
This is an area where you might have the most difficulty in life. There are some employers who won’t hire those who have been found guilty of a crime. There are also some companies that will hire you depending on the nature of the crime, giving you an opportunity to show the court and others that you have learned from mistakes.

Public Assistance
You will not be eligible for public housing if you have been convicted of a drug charge. This also applies to student loans and government assistance.

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Miranda Rights

If you have been picked up by an officer and arrested and then have had charges brought up against you, you should be well aware that the charges do not automatically bring a conviction and there are some things that you can do to prevent getting that conviction. The first and foremost thing that a cop has to do when they arrest you is read you your Miranda rights. If you do not know what this is, it is where they tell you the various rights that you as an individual have and if they fail to do this, you cannot be convicted on any of the charges that they have arrested you for. There are strict procedures that a police officer has to go through during the entire arrest in order to get a conviction once the case goes to court, which is why you should absolutely get a lawyer as soon as you possibly can. They will then be able to start to go over your case and figure out whether you were read your Miranda rights when you were arrested and if the police officer did everything that is required by law to bring a conviction in court.

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Pierce County DUI Defense Lawyer Discusses Gathering Evidence for Your Defense

If you have been charged with a DUI, you do not have to feel powerless to defend yourself. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer can explain what you can do today to help prepare for your case. If your DUI case proceeds to trial, your attorney will tell you how your contribution can be essential in several ways, including:

Gathering Witnesses

Pierce County DUI defense lawyerWitness testimony may be crucial to your defense. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer will need to talk to anyone you had contact with the day of your arrest. Your job is to provide the names and addresses of the people you encountered before or after the arrest took place. While your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer understands that you may not wish to broadcast your arrest to certain people, if a witness was with you that day, his or her testimony might be critical. If you can’t bring yourself to contact these people, your defense could be compromised, and your Pierce County DUI defense attorney may want a written acknowledgement that you have gone against her legal advice.

The sooner you identify witnesses the better, as memories fade and important details could be lost.

Save Your Shoes

As your Pierce County DUI defense attorney can explain more fully, the shoes you were wearing the day of the incident matter. You may have been asked to take a field sobriety test during your arrest. Your shoes can affect your balance and coordination. Common problems for women are high heels, sandals or flip flops. For men, it could be cowboy boots with a high or extended heel. Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will need to make sure that the condition of your “arrest shoes” does not change before trial. Otherwise, the prosecutor might object to this argument. Therefore, do not wear the shoes again and keep them in a safe place until your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer provides you with further instructions.

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Dealing With Your Test Results at Trial

When facing a driving under the influence charge, the results of your blood tests may be the one of the biggest challenges you encounter. A high blood alcohol level or other incriminating test result may be the biggest piece of evidence against you in your DUI trial. Let your Pierce County DUI defense attorney explain some strategies for dealing with this evidence. Your attorney can educate the jury about the testing process itself and the possible flaws associated with it. Here are some examples.

Man vs. Machine

Pierce County DUI defense attorneyAs your defense attorney knows, juries often mistakenly think your blood was physically tested by an individual scientist under a microscope. This is rarely the case and an experienced attorney can set the jury straight by cross-examining the technician responsible for running your test. Common cross-examination questions your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer may ask the technician might be:

  • You did not run the test yourself, did you, but merely operated a machine?
  • The machine also ran many other samples at the same time, right?
  • And you are not always even in the same room when the samples are run, are you?

The Evasive Witness

Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will also be mindful of lab analyst witnesses who may try to skirt the truth by assuming that the attorney has not done his or her homework on the testing process. For example, the witness may try to downplay the number of tests run at the same time, using words like “some tests” when the real number of tests is 40 or more. Your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer can prepare to counter this tactic by holding the witness to the truth.

A Pierce County DUI defense attorney can more fully explain possible defense strategies to counter your test results.

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To put a knowledgeable Pierce County DUI defense attorney in your corner, call South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050. An experienced DUI defense attorney can advise you of your rights and explain how to fight blood alcohol test results at trial.

A Pierce County DUI Defense Attorney Discusses Predicting the Chances of Settlement

Pierce County DUI defense attorneyA good defense attorney knows how to work with the prosecutor in your DUI case toward a potential settlement. While your Pierce County DUI defense attorney cannot guarantee a settlement or dismissal of your DUI charges, she will use her training for you. In some cases, your lawyer can gauge the chances of settlement by observing unspoken clues from the prosecutor. Here are some examples:

Prosecutor’s Notes

As your Pierce County DUI defense attorney can explain, your case file will likely be assigned to several different prosecutors. They generally update their case file on you by taking notes at different court hearings like the pretrial conference. If they consider your case “run of the mill,” few notes will likely be taken. If extensive notes are taken, this usually means that the state thinks your case is either very strong or weak. This can provide important clues to your Pierce County DUI defense lawyer about the chances of settlement at the next hearing.

Rookie Prosecutors

Sometimes, rookie prosecutors are easier to work with. Since prosecutors are often judged on their win-loss ratio, they may be more willing to settle with your Pierce County DUI defense attorney if they lost their last case.

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Dealing with prosecutors can be difficult, and a defense attorney can help you navigate the process and inform you of your rights. To put an experienced Pierce County DUI defense attorney on your side, call South King County criminal attorney today at (253) 709-5050.

A Pierce County Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Immunity

If you have helpful information for the prosecutor, a Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can advise you regarding the different types of immunity that may be offered to you.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Use Immunity

Pierce County criminal defense lawyerAs your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can explain, “use immunity” generally means that the prosecutor can’t use your statements against you. For example, your testimony can’t be used to do the following:

  • to investigate you for new charges/crimes;
  • for another criminal trial other than perjury;
  • by the prosecutor for his or her trial strategy or pre-trial preparation.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Letter Immunity

Talk to your Pierce County criminal defense attorney if you are offered letter immunity. This generally does not protect you against prosecution in different jurisdictions (other states or counties).

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Perjury

As your criminal defense lawyer can advise, immunity offers do not protect you from perjury charges if you knowingly lie to the prosecutor.

If you were given immunity and the prosecutor charges you for something relating to your testimony other than perjury, your Pierce County criminal defense attorney can challenge this on your behalf.

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If you have been charged with a crime and/or offered immunity for your testimony, an experienced Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can advocate for you and inform you of your legal options. The initial consultation is free.

What to Do If You Are Subpoenaed in Your Criminal Case

The subpoena process is rarely as intimidating as you might think. Your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer can put her experience to work for you.

Receiving the Subpoena

If you know a subpoena is coming, contact your Pierce County criminal defense attorney immediately. She can arrange to receive the subpoena for you. This can spare you any awkwardness of being served in front of co-workers or neighbors. You can also avoid accidentally making incriminating statements to the officer serving it.

Responding to the Subpoena

Pierce County criminal defense lawyerJust because you have received a subpoena does not automatically mean you will have to go to court. Let your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer explain your options including:

  • Informal Interviews—Instead of appearing in front a Grand Jury, your Pierce County criminal defense lawyer may arrange to go with you to a meeting with the prosecutor. Strategically, this may help gauge the prosecutor’s thinking, and give you more control over the timing of the interview.
  • Office Subpoenas—Technically, these are not permissible for testimony, documents, or things like hair samples. If you receive one, your lawyer can advise you whether you have to appear.

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Receiving a subpoena to testify can be a daunting experience. However, with a knowledgeable attorney in your corner, the process will not be so difficult. Rely on experienced Pierce County criminal defense lawyer South King County criminal attorney for help in handling your situation. Call today at (253) 709-5050 and schedule a free initial consultation.