Bond Types

Bond Types

Getting Out On Bail
Your defense attorney can ask that your bail be reduced so that you are released from jail.

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The type of bail that you might receive from the judge will depend on several factors including your criminal history and the risk of whether you might run from court or not. Whether you are released from jail or not, if you don’t appear in court on the date given, you can be charged with contempt or failure to appear. Some courts, such as those in federal jurisdictions, can add a 25% increase to the sentence received.

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This is a type of bond that you will likely receive if you don’t have a criminal record or you have been arrested for a minor offense. You might have a cash amount for the bond, but the judge will let you give your signature in exchange for making a promise to arrive on your court date if you are released from jail.

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If given a cash bond, you will need to have money put up before you can get out of jail. A bondsman will often be able to get you out of jail if you pay a percentage of the bond amount, such as 10% of the total amount. If you don’t show up for court, the person who signs the bond will be responsible for the entire amount to be paid to the bondsman. The judge will let you know if you can post a bail amount or if you need to pay the entire bond to get out of jail. Money that was paid to get you out of jail could be applied to any fines or restitution if you are convicted of the charges.

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