Bonds in Criminal Law

Bonds in Criminal Law

Whenever you are arrested, be sure to seek a criminal defense attorney so he or she can secure your bail arrangements.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in South King CountyTypes of bail
There are several different types of bail your lawyer can secure you with. Which type of bail might apply in your case will depend on numerous factors, including the locale in which you are arrested and the crime charged.

Unsecured bonds
You could be released from jail if you promise to appear in all court proceedings and refrain from any illegal activity. This is called recognizance. You will not be charged the amount of your bail unless you violate the conditions of your bail.

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Cash bonds
Some circumstances make a payment to the court by you or someone else necessary for your release from jail. This deposit makes your release official.

The court will determine whether the bail requires the entire amount as the deposit or a percentage of the amount. Ten percent is the most common percentage. However, failing to appear in court will require you to pay the full amount of the bond, even if your agreement only required a percentage.

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If you are convicted and a fine is part of your sentence, the court will require that your bond be applied to that fine, if you agreed to pay for your own bail bond.

Ultimately, your attorney will know what is best for you in this situation. It is important for you to hire a good attorney for this situation, so find one in your area.