Decision Not to Testify in DUI Trial Can Affect Jury Selection

Decision Not to Testify in DUI Trial Can Affect Jury Selection

Whether or not a DUI defendant should testify is a very difficult decision for both the defendant and his or herAuburn DUI lawyer to make. DUI defendants, as with any other criminal defendants, are not under any obligation to testify. But a decision for a DUI defendant not to testify at trial will ultimately affect jury selection.

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DUI Jury Selection


Before the onset of trial, both your Auburn DUI lawyer and the prosecution will need to impanel a jury. They will select jurors whom they believe are best suited to hear your case. Your lawyer’s goal will be to select a jury that is unbiased and will render a fair judgment. In order to do this, your lawyer will need to ask various questions about the juror’s thoughts and beliefs.


Asking the Right Questions


One of the most important issues your Auburn DUI lawyer will need to address during jury selection is your decision not to testify at trial. Your lawyer will need to ask the right questions about each juror’s opinion of DUI defendants that do not take the stand.


Your attorney should ask open-ended questions that will shed light on a juror’s potential bias and get a feel about his or her beliefs. Examples of some information a good lawyer will try to ascertain during jury selection include:


  • If the juror believes that those who are wrongfully accused will want to take the stand in their defense.
  • If the juror can think of reasons that an innocent individual would decline to testify on his or her own behalf.


The answers to these questions will also clue your lawyer in on putting together an appropriate defense strategy to prove to the jury that you should be acquitted of the DUI charges against you.


However, in order to for your Auburn DUI lawyer to prepare a winning defense and select a jury that is unbiased, you need to be honest with your attorney, especially with regards to your decision to testify or not in court.


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