Easy Bail Against Domestic Violence King County

Preparing for Your Bail Hearing

If you are arrested on a domestic violence charge, you will attend a bail hearing. Because this hearing occurs very early on in your case, the information used for determining bail may be inaccurate or incomplete. Your King County defense lawyer can facilitate your release with a compelling argument in your favor.


A Dearth of Facts

Judges and prosecutors early on simply don’t know much about you, or even the specifics of the domestic violence charge. They will largely base a bail decision on:South King County DUI Lawyer

  • The seriousness of the charges against you
  • Other charges pending against you
  • Whether you have prior convictions
  • Whether you are on parole or probation

Given the lack of information that will truly indicate whether you are a flight risk or danger to society, the bail decision can be based on misunderstandings. The judge and prosecutors simply don’t have the complete story. This is where your South king county DUI lawyer can help.


Your King County defense lawyer and the Bail Hearing

Your lawyer will investigate your case so that he can provide a favorable yet accurate argument for your release on bail. If you do have a criminal record, perhaps there were extenuating circumstances which led to your arrest. Also, even if you have been granted bail in the past, if you abided by the rules and attended all your court hearings this should weigh in your favor. Perhaps you have family or community ties that would preclude you from fleeing as well. Ultimately the stronger the argument your lawyer can make, the more likely you will be granted bail, and the more favorable the conditions will be.


Call for Legal Assistance

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you need to hire a King County defense lawyer.