Easy Bail Orders and Removal of Contact Restrictions South King County

Contact Restrictions

When you are released on bail in your domestic violence case, it is likely that certain contact restrictions will be placed on you. While these may seem unfair or inconvenient, in a sense they are in your best interests. Your South King County domestic violence lawyer will try to ensure that any such restrictions are appropriate, and will advise you on how best to avoid violating them.


No-Contact Orders

You can almost be certain to have a restraining order in place upon release which prohibits contact with your spouse. In addition, the order may restrict or disallow contact with your children, especially if they were a part of the alleged domestic violence.    South King County domestic violence lawyer

While such an order will mean you have to live elsewhere from your home, it is better for you to remain separate while you case is pending. Otherwise you risk an argument that could place you back in custody, or something you say could be used against you. In fact,  associating with people involved in your case could be considered witness tampering.


Your Lawyer and No-Contact Orders

It is possible that your South King County domestic violence lawyer will retain the right to contact those persons who are named in your restraining order. This can be very helpful to your case, for your lawyer will be able to gather potentially useful information from the party. It is important that your lawyer obtains clear permission from the judge to maintain such contact, however.


Call for Legal Assistance

A domestic violence conviction can be very detrimental to your ability to find/maintain work. It is vital that you hire a South King County domestic violence lawyer who will fight for you.