This post is the second in a three-part series that discusses characteristics to look for in an “ideal” juror based on your DUI defense case theme. As discussed in the previous post, your Pierce County DUI attorney will select the most favorable issues in your case and build a case theme around them. Then, your Pierce County DUI lawyer will try to select jurors who have traits that will be responsive to your case theme. For example, consider the following three case themes:

Refusal based on misunderstanding. Your Pierce County DUI attorney may be relying on a defense that your refusal to assist the police was based on a misunderstanding of what you were required to do. If so, the best jurors for your case may be people who are especially sensitive and empathic, and who would be likely to appreciate that a driver might be overcome by all the commotion at an accident scene. Less sophisticated and younger jurors would also be helpful. Conversely, your Pierce County DUI attorney will try to avoid ending up with jurors who seem detached and impersonal because they may believe that a driver should always be able to obey a police officer’s directives. You also would not want jurors with a background in the military or law enforcement.

Refusal based on intentional act. If you refused to assist the police because you believed (rightly or wrongly) that you were entitled to refuse, or if you did so as a deliberate act of civil disobedience, your Pierce County DUI attorney will select jurors who are individualists, who are more rebellious, or who believe that government is too controlling and invasive.

Bad performance on standardized field sobriety tests. If you failed the standardized field sobriety tests, the best jurors for your case are people who likely would struggle on a physical fitness test, e.g., those who are overweight or out of shape physically, the aged, and the disabled. These jurors are more likely to fail field sobriety tests, should they find themselves in that situation, and may be more supportive of your case.