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Humanizing the Defendant

Humanizing the Defendant

DUI lawyers in King County know that motorists charged with driving under the influence can frequently be seen as irresponsible, reckless, or even selfish. Therefore, it is important for the defense lawyer to humanize the defendant and describe the conditions that led to his or her DUI arrest.

DUI lawyer in King County

Initial Questions at Trial

  • In court, a DUI attorney will question the defendant before the prosecution.
  • A good defense lawyer will establish the defendant’s eagerness to discuss the charges with the prosecuting attorney and law enforcement officers.
  • For instance, a skilled DUI lawyer should ask the accused motorist whether he or she contacted the prosecutor before trial and whether the prosecution replied to the invitation to discuss the charges.
  • DUI lawyers in King County will also interview their clients about any contact they have had with law enforcement and whether they were allowed to tell their side of the story to police officers.


Reasons for Testifying

  • A driver charged with driving under the influence should tell the jury why he or she decided to testify during trial.
  • Because defendants are not required to testify to the jury in court, it usually helps the defense’s case to offer information voluntarily and create a relationship with the jury.
  • A defense attorney may ask how important testifying at trial is to the defendant, which can humanize him or her to the court and possibly make the jury more sympathetic.


Conditions Surrounding Your Arrest

  • Another way to earn the jury’s sympathy and/or understanding is to explain the conditions surrounding a defendant’s arrest for DUI.
  • An experienced lawyer will be sure to ask about a defendant’s stress on the day of the incident.
  • If a defendant was driving to or from work or home at the time of the arrest, he or she should describe: job duties, responsibilities, any unusually stressful occurrences that may have led to driving under the influence, and any extra hours worked around the time of the incident.
  • Answering these questions will help to humanize the defendant in the eyes of the jury.

A respectable DUI lawyer in King County will understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Contact our attorney at to tell your side of the story.