Important Aspects of Sentencing Hearings

Pierce County Criminal Defense Attorney

Who Should Testify and Why

It is often useful to have a psychologist and a social worker with strong mitigation skills testify regarding the basic reasons why someone may have committed a crime. However, such testimony will only help if the defendant’s Pierce County criminal defense attorney can clearly demonstrate what the accused has been doing to rebuild his or her character and reputation since committing the crime. It can also help if the lawyer can shed light on the new goals the convicted party has set and how he or she is progressing in meeting those goals.


The Importance of Restitution

Apart from the moral correctness of paying the victims back for any monetary losses, it can definitely impress the court if the accused has fully repaid his or her victims. This may also serve to diffuse the victims’ potential opposition to the accused receiving a lighter sentence.

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Understanding the “Trickier” Aspects of Sentencing Laws

Some types of sentences are much more advantageous than others. For example, an eleven-month sentence may not entitle a defendant to early “good-time” release from prison. However, a thirteen-month sentence may provide this added benefit based on the convicted person’s behavior while incarcerated. It’s always best to seek out an experienced Pierce County criminal defense attorney who will be more likely to understand all of these sentence-length loopholes.


Appropriate Words and Behavior while Testifying

Unfortunately, many defendants feel little compassion for their victims. In fact, a number of them are simply upset that they were caught committing a crime. In order to hide the lack of sincere remorse, it’s wise to have a convicted client write out a brief apology to the victims in advance, prior to reading or speaking the words in court. This statement should be rehearsed prior to entering the courtroom. It’s better if it’s short enough to be memorized so that it might wind up sounding at least partially sincere – if not entirely so. Reading lengthy apologies, especially with little voice inflection, rarely inspires or impresses anyone, especially a judge.

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