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South King County Criminal Defense Attorney

Initial Appearance – Attorneys Role

Initial Appearance – Attorneys Role

Your Arraignment Or First Appearance
There is much for your criminal defense counsel to do before your arraignment or first appearance. This short article explains your attorney’s role.

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First Appearance
Your attorney may begin by:
• Questioning whether or not the charges against you are valid.
• Putting into motion the procedures to post bail.

The Arraignment
Both your lawyer and counsel for the prosecution explain what they intend to do when you are arraigned. A hearing or a grand jury may be applicable in your case, and your attorney may make a request that one of these be held. If a witness positively identified you by some means, the prosecution may introduce that information.

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Your Lawyer’s Options

Your attorney may do any or all of the following:
• If you were injured by police, document and introduce that for the record.
• Speak with the prosecution’s witnesses.
• Become acquainted with the police officers who arrested you and the prosecuting attorney.
• Require that evidence such as email messages, samples of blood or other materials be kept safely.

Find Help
Be sure to engage qualified legal counsel to represent you.

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