Initial Interview with Your Auburn DUI Defense Attorney

Initial Interview with Your Auburn DUI Defense Attorney

The initial interview with your Auburn DUI defense attorney is very important because you will need to provide her with important information that will be necessary in building your DUI defense.Auburn DUI defense attorney

Below is an overview of some important pieces of information and items that you need to take with you to your initial interview. By having the right information and documents for your lawyer, you might even help speed up the trial process.


Personal Information

The first pieces of information that you will need to provide your Auburn DUI defense attorney is your personal information. This includes your full name, address, telephone number, weight, height, marital status, and other personal details, even if you think it may not be relevant to your defense.


Chronological Events of the DUI Arrest

Your lawyer will need a detailed, step-by-step description of the events that led to your DUI arrest, including:


–          How much and what type of alcoholic drinks you consumed before you got behind the wheel

–          What you ate and what activities you were involved in

–          How fast you were driving

–          The initial reason the police officer pulled you over

–          Whether you submitted to a field sobriety test, and if so, which one and what instructions were given

–          The manner in which you were arrested

–          The events that took place while you were in custody


The more details you provide your Auburn DUI defense attorney, the better informed she will be in preparing a strong defense for your DUI trial.


Criminal History

Although your past is your past, your lawyer will still need to know about it because it may affect your current DUI criminal charges. As such, you will need to tell your lawyer every detail of your criminal history, including any convictions. This even includes motor vehicle violations, such as a speeding ticket. It is better that your Auburn DUI defense attorney is aware of your criminal history and avoids any unnecessary surprises during trial.


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