Kinds of Bail

Kinds of Bail

If you are arrested, there are several methods to be bailed out. Various reasons will determine how you can be released with the help of a criminal attorney. The location and type of crime committed will typically play a major role in assessing your options.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in South King CountyCash Bonds

A cash bond allows the arrestee to be released under specific conditions. A cash payment is required to ensure your release from the custody. The amount of bail depends on circumstances and may require the entire amount to be paid or a percentage of it.

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If you fail to appear in court at the appointed date, the whole amount will have to be paid. If you are convicted and a fine is imposed, the cash bail amount may be allocated towards the fine if the bail was posted with your own money.

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Unsecured Bonds

You can be released on a promise to appear in court or on a bond with a specific amount, but no cash is required. In either case, it is important to appear in court when directed as fail to appear is treated as a separate crime and may result in arrest and jail time as well as additional fees. The criminal defense lawyer may help with the process and guide you through the proceedings.

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