King County Criminal Attorney for Grand Jury Hearing and Procedure of Testimony

If You Have a Grand Jury Hearing

Some courts use a grand jury hearing to determine whether enough evidence exists to bind a defendant over for trial. Neither you nor your King County defense lawyer will be present for the presentation of evidence at the grand jury hearing; however, you can opt to testify, if you believe it will help your case. South King County DUI Lawyer


Procedure Prior to Your Testimony

From the outset it is important to keep in mind that if you testify at the hearing, your King County defense lawyer will not follow you into the room. However, at any time during your testimony you have the right to request that you speak with counsel, and will be allowed to leave to do so.

You will be brought from an anteroom and instructed to sit a table. You will be sworn in, after which the prosecutor will explain that you are under oath, and that lying can lead to a conviction for perjury. You will also be told you have a right to refuse to answer if doing so will tend to incriminate you.


Your Testimony

The prosecutor will begin by asking you questions about your alleged domestic violence. It is unlikely that your testimony will be of any great length. The purpose of the grand jury is, after all, simply to make a finding to try you in court later. The prosecution will ask key questions to make a case.

After the prosecutor finishes, the panel of grand jurors will have their turn. Some of these questions can be rather perilous, and indeed amount to little more than an accusation. Make sure to give each question thought before answering. Remember that what you say basically locks you in to that version of what happened.


Call for Legal Assistance

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is vital that you retain strong legal counsel. Call King County defense lawyer for a consultation today at.