Our attorney, answers the question: What does the prosecution really think of its case against you?

South King County Defense Lawyer

In my practice as a South King County defense lawyer, I try to discover, early in every case, the prosecution’s intention. Is the prosecutor determined to take the case to trial, or is he looking to resolve the matter by way of a plea bargain? This is important because the prosecutor’s intention impacts my defense strategy and my approach to the case. To answer this question, I rely on my instincts, my experience, and these basic techniques:

I listen carefully

There are very few poker players masquerading as prosecutors. In many cases, the prosecutor will reveal his intentions to the South King County defense lawyer who is listening carefully. This may be because of the large number of cases many prosecutors handle or because of the common (but often mistaken) belief that drunk driving cases are “cut and dried.” Whatever the reason, careful listening often pays off.

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I monitor the case closely

I watch the prosecutor closely, particularly in the early stages of a case. How much formal discovery has the prosecution done? Are they conducting an in-depth or out-of-the-ordinary investigation? A prosecutor who is conducting large amounts of discovery, filing motions, and investing a generous amount of time into the case usually has a reason. Usually that reason is to prepare for trial.

I measure the intangibles

Finally, I try to feel out any intangibles surrounding the case. For example, is the court docket overcrowded in the jurisdiction? Is the prosecutor dealing with a heavier than usual caseload or a personal matter that demands his time? Or, is the prosecutor a young go-getter who is looking to boost his trial numbers? Sometimes, factors like these play a subtle, but important, role in the prosecutor’s decision about how to handle a particular case.

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