Our attorney, explains why it is important to find all witnesses early in the case

Pierce County DUI Defense Attorney

Your first meeting with your Pierce County DUI defense attorney is a fact-gathering meeting. Your lawyer will ask about the events surrounding your DUI arrest, and use the information you provide as springboard for further investigation into your case. Potential witnesses will be an important topic of discussion at this meeting.

In this context, “witnesses” means more than just eyewitnesses to your drinking and driving. Your Pierce County DUI defense attorney will ask you for the name and phone number of every person you had contact with on the day of your arrest. You may be hesitant to identify some of these individuals (e.g., your employer or co-workers or parents), especially those who may not know you were arrested. From a personal standpoint, this is entirely understandable. From a legal standpoint, however, it is potentially harmful to your defense, and your Pierce County DUI defense attorney may ask you to acknowledge, in writing, that you refused to allow contact with a particular individual or individuals.

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With your permission, you should expect your lawyer to contact the individuals on your list as soon as possible, to impress upon them how important it is for them to remember the events of that day. Many, if not most, of these potential witnesses will be unaware of your arrest. That is why early contact from your lawyer is so important. A witness can usually recall the events of the previous evening, or even from a week or so ago. The witness will have a much harder time remembering specific details about an otherwise ordinary day six months ago. The potential witnesses’ memories must be memorialized as soon as possible after your arrest.

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