Preliminary Hearing Cross – Examination in Aggravated Assault Case

If you are charged with aggravated assault, the preliminary hearing may present your South King County criminal attorney an opportunity to help your case a great deal. After the victim explains the assault on direct examination, your attorney can cross-examine the victim to show that the injuries are not significant. Accordingly, the judge may reduce the charge to simple assault or reduce the bail.

Your South King County criminal attorney’s cross-examination of the victim might include the following types of questions:

  • When you were knocked down, you experienced pain in your neck?
  • Were you able to get up on your own?
  • Did anyone help you?
  • You didn’t call for an ambulance? No one else did?
  • Did anyone suggest you call for an ambulance?
  • You didn’t think you needed to call for an ambulance?
  • What did the paramedics do in the ambulance?
  • What did the doctor do at the hospital?
  • How long were you in the hospital?
  • What was the doctor’s diagnosis?
  • What medication or treatment did the doctor prescribe to you?
  • Did the doctor or nurse instruct you to restrict your activities? Are those directions in writing? Do you have the writing?
  • You went to work the next day?
  • How much work did you miss?
  • Did your boss require a doctor’s note regarding your condition?
  • What doctor did you see for follow-up care?
  • Did your doctor advise you to see a chiropractor?
  • How often did you see the chiropractor?
  • What did the chiropractor do?
  • How did you get to the office?
  • So you were able to drive on your own?
  • Did you get any exercise? Did you exercise the same amount as before the incident?
  • While you were at home, were you able to cook and clean?
  • Could you lift things?
  • Could you play with your children?
  • Did you have anyone come to your home and help you?
  • Were you on any medications?
  • Did the chiropractor advise you to restrict your activities? Did he put those instructions in writing? Do you have the writing?
  • Has your insurance company agreed to pay for your chiropractic treatment?

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