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Preparing to Meet with a Lawyer

South King County DUI Defense Attorney

If you have an upcoming meeting with a South King County DUI defense attorney, you need to be prepared to discuss your case in detail. Spend some time, before the meeting, thinking about what happened on the day you were stopped and arrested. Consider the following:


Think about how you were driving before the traffic stop.

  • Where were you before you got into your car?
  • Did the officer see you driving away from the parking lot of a bar or a club?


Consider why the officer stopped you.

  • Did the officer give a reason for the traffic stop?
  • Did the officer issue a traffic citation?
  • Do you have an innocent explanation regarding the driving behavior that may have caused the officer to stop you?
  • Did you tell the officer that you had been at a bar or that you had been drinking?

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Recall the setting of the traffic stop.

  • Where did the stop take place? Why did you stop there?
  • What was the time of day?
  • What was the lighting like in that area?


Try to remember the officer’s treatment of you during the traffic stop.

  • Did the officer do or say anything inappropriate? If so, you should tell your South King County DUI defense attorney.
  • Did the officer ever say that you could get back in your car and leave?
  • How many officers were involved in your traffic stop and arrest? Do you know their names?


Identify potential witnesses.

  • Was anyone else in the car with you?
  • Did anyone in the surrounding area witness the traffic stop?
  • Do you know if anyone took photos or video of your traffic stop? If so, your South King County DUI defense attorney or attorney will want to know


Think about the sobriety tests performed, if any.

  • Which sobriety tests did the officer ask you to take?
  • Did the officer give you a choice about whether to take the tests?
  • Did the officer ask whether you have any health conditions or disabilities?
  • If you performed sobriety tests, where did you do the tests?
  • Before you performed the sobriety tests, did the officer demonstrate what you needed to do or give you instructions?

It may be stressful to think about the details of your traffic stop and arrest, but do your best. Your preparation at this early stage in the case will help your South King County DUI defense attorney in developing a legal strategy for your defense.

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