Procedure After the Arrest

Procedure After the Arrest

After the Arrest
When you are in custody, officers have the right to investigate your charges further. This could be while you are in a detention center or after you have been released if you are able to post bond.

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There are certain procedures that they can do in order to eliminate you as a suspect or confirm that you committed the crime. You could be placed in a line with others who look similar to you so that the victim can point you out, fingerprints can be examined or your property can be searched. Officers can also ask you questions about the charges. If officers have a warrant, they can take DNA samples from your hair, blood or saliva. An attorney is someone who can be there with you during the questioning process and who can help with your case before trial.

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What if You Refuse?
Unless it is related to asking questions or searching your home, you don’t have many options when it comes to procedures after the arrest. Officers won’t force you to stand in a line or beat you until you bleed just to get a sample. If you refuse to submit to investigative procedures, it could play against you in court as it could show that you are guilty of the crime. In the event there is a court order and you refuse, you could be placed in contempt of court procedures and incur more charges. Refusal to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test if charged with a DUI could mean having your license suspended. An attorney can give you the best advice for handling investigative procedures.

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