Punishments of a Domestic Violence Conviction

The punishments of a domestic violence related offense in Washington is very serious with severe implications on all aspects of your social and family life. In order to avoid these harsh penalties, it is critical that you hire a domestic violence defense lawyer as soon as you are arrested on domestic violence related charges.

Domestic violence defense


If You Are Convicted of Domestic Violence

Below is a brief list of some of the potential penalties for a domestic violence conviction in Washington State:

  • Jail: Depending on the facts of the offense and your prior criminal history, you can serve jail time, or if convicted of felony charges, spend time in prison.
  • Monetary Penalties: If convicted, you can also face financial penalties, such as hefty fines, restitution, court fees, probation fees and other penalties.
  • Treatment Programs: If you are convicted of a domestic violence crime, state laws require you to attend a state-certified treatment program, lasting at least one year.
  • No Contact Order: The court will mandate a no contact order, which can be in effect for up to two years or more after your conviction.

We Can Help Dismiss or Reduce the Penalties

Our domestic violence defense lawyers have successfully dismissed or reduced the harsh penalties for numerous clients who have been charged with domestic violence related charges.

For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a domestic violence defense lawyer, please call our Law Offices.