Reading the Prosecution

Reading the Prosecution

An experienced DUI attorney in Auburn knows how to interpret the prosecution’s plan for each case. Does the state intend to settle or go to trial? If the prosecutor’s office is leaning toward settlement, what will they expect from the defendant? It takes a great deal of local knowledge to be able to read the prosecution, as well as a skilled defense attorney who knows the players and keeps her eyes and ears open in detecting the signs.

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A Good Listener

If your attorney is a good listener, she will be able to interpret subtle clues from the prosecution and determine its plan. A DUI attorney in Auburn listens carefully and pays close attention to the prosecution in terms of how documents are worded, what actions the legal team takes, and even the speed and timing of communications. A legal pro can sense where the case is likely headed and will know the best approach to take in strengthening the defense’s case.

A Great Observer

A good lawyer not only listens, but closely observes the prosecution’s actions. Has the office invested its time and resources into investigation and discovery to find evidence in the case? If the prosecutor’s office is filing numerous court demands and motions, it may be gearing up for trial. If the state wants to settle, it may not spend taxpayers’ money on legal activities that will not be useful.

A Feel for the Courts

A knowledgeable lawyer will also look at all the details—not just concerning the case, but concerning the environment in which the case might be prosecuted. For instance, how crowded are the court dockets? Does the prosecutor have any personal priorities that may make him or her particularly busy or distracted? Is the prosecutor coming off a frenetic caseload and looking for a break, which might make settlement tempting? Or, on the contrary, does the prosecutor need to boost conviction numbers? If the official sees a drunk driving case as a quick way to increase his or her trial statistics, this may impact the way your defense lawyer decides to handle your case.

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