Some Types of Information Required by Your DUI Attorney

To plan your defense, your King County DUI lawyer will need to know all the facts of your case. Many of these facts will come out during your initial interview with your lawyer. You should answer each question as best as you can so that your lawyer can prepare an effective legal strategy for your defense.

Your attorney will ask you about the details of the DUI stop and arrest. If you gave any statements or made admissions to the police officer, your lawyer will need to know. In particular, you should tell your lawyer if you spoke to the police about whether you had been drinking; how many alcoholic beverages you had consumed; and when you consumed those drinks.

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If you have any physical or mental health conditions, you should mention them so that your attorney can decide whether and how those conditions will be relevant in your defense. For example, relevant physical conditions or impairments might include a lack of sleep; a special diet; an injury; or a disability that affected your balance or ability to walk. Ongoing medical issues such as diabetes, epilepsy, or heart disease might also be relevant to your case. In addition, if you were on any medications or drugs—prescription or otherwise—you should tell your lawyer.

Your King County DUI lawyer also will want to know the identity of any witnesses who might appear in your case and testify about your driving and related conduct. For example, the state cannot successfully prosecute you for drunk driving if the state cannot identify you as the driver. Was anyone in the car with you? Were there any witnesses at the scene? Likewise, if you know of anyone who can confirm your version of events, your lawyer will need to know so that he or she can interview them in advance of your court proceedings.

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